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VR Project: Disco FeVR Dream

"Sick on the couch with the fever, you flick on the television and let the sweet sounds of late night disco movies drift you to sleep. Suddenly you've awoken, but you find yourself in a strange dark disco, haunted by the spirit of a dead genre..."

A group of fellow students and I worked on this project for about 4 months. It was the first time many of us had ever used the Unreal 4 engine, or developed for VR. For my part I designed the minimal UI elements as well as many of the 3D assets. What started out as a joke became one of the more fun projects I've worked on, and excellent VR development experience.

The player is trying to escape the disco nightmare they find themselves in by solving small puzzles and finding the exit, all while being chased by a groovy dance demon.

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