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Game Project: Subterra

Subterra is a game about survival and adventure in a hostile world.

The goal of this short demo is to collect the 3 filtration pieces scattered around the "overworld". The game takes place on a planet in which the air above ground is toxic to humans, so the player can only survive outside for a brief time unless they collect blue canisters to refill their oxygen.

The player starts in their small underground neighborhood where they can walk around talking to other citizens. The player can always return here to refill their health and oxygen.

The player can also collect scrap up on the surface. Currently this only serves as a score of the playthrough, or a measurement of how much the player has explored. But ideally this scrap will be used to purchase upgrades for the player.

Most of the models seen were created personally except for some elements in the landscape, textures, fonts and music. Those were given proper credits in game.

Subterra is a project I worked on in my third year at Columbia College.

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